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Have you or someone you know recently faced criminal charges? The experience can be stressful and intimidating. Navigating the complex legal system while ensuring fair treatment is crucial. That's why having a proactive criminal defense lawyer in Naperville by your side is essential. At Hanauer Law, we offer respectful, transparent, and dedicated representation throughout every stage.

Founded by Rob Hanauer, our law firm recognizes the significance of having a dependable criminal defense attorney. When you choose us, Rob personally invests in your case, making it a top priority for our team. With a proven track record of securing favorable outcomes, we commit to advocating for you vigorously until your case reaches a satisfactory resolution.

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Facing criminal charges for the first time can be a bewildering and daunting experience. The legal process, designed to safeguard your rights, can be intricate and challenging to comprehend, especially for those unfamiliar. This is where our adept Naperville criminal defense attorneys step in to offer guidance. Our team is dedicated to supporting you throughout the process, ensuring you grasp the legal proceedings, know your rights, and possess the information necessary to make optimal decisions for your unique situation.

Comprehensive Legal Defense Services

The criminal defense attorneys at Hanauer Law have successfully represented clients across a broad spectrum of criminal charges, spanning from misdemeanors to felonies. Our defense services cover an array of crimes, including:

  • Misdemeanors: Child endangerment, petty theft, property damage, intoxication-related offenses, and traffic violations.
  • Felonies: Murder, robbery, grand theft, kidnapping, arson, conspiracy, involuntary manslaughter, and other serious crimes
  • Drug Charges: Possession, distribution, intent to distribute, sales, and manufacturing
  • Sex Offenses: Sexual assault, rape, solicitation, prostitution, sexual harassment, child molestation, sexual abuse, and lewd or lascivious conduct.
  • Federal Charges: Any misdemeanor or felony crimes violating federal law.
  • DUI / DWI: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and related charges.
  • White-Collar Offenses: Bank fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, computer fraud, credit card fraud, and identity theft.
  • Firearms Charges: Unlawful purchases or sales, unlawful discharge, possession of a stolen firearm, unlawful use of weapons, and use of a firearm in the commission of a crime.
  • Tax Offenses: Tax fraud, tax evasion, forgery of tax-related documents, and hiding assets.
  • Juvenile Criminal Cases

No matter the specific charge you or your loved one face, the dedicated and aggressive criminal defense attorneys at Hanauer Law are committed to fighting for your rights.

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Keeping You Well-Informed Throughout Your Criminal Case

Feeling bewildered and uneasy about an unexpected criminal charge? You're not alone. When facing a criminal charge for the first time, many individuals find themselves uncertain about the next steps and the overall process. Understanding the reason behind the charges can be equally perplexing. Serving Naperville with pride, Hanauer Law has a dedicated team of criminal defense attorneys ready to guide you through the process.

We aim to transform your legal defense into a collaborative effort, granting you complete autonomy in decision-making and ensuring you remain consistently informed about the proceedings. Regardless of the crime you're charged with, our commitment is unwavering as we strive to secure a favorable outcome in your legal journey.

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Seasoned Naperville Criminal Defense Lawyers

We recognize a single case's pivotal impact on your future and empathize with the anxiety of facing substantial fines or incarceration. Leveraging our expertise and experience, our legal team is committed to providing you with a creative, innovative, and optimal defense strategy encompassing the following key elements:

  • Comprehensive investigations
  • Penalty reduction
  • Pursuing charge dismissals, wherever possible
  • Regular and open communication
  • Thorough collection of pertinent evidence

Rest assured, each criminal defense attorney in Naperville at Hanauer Law is dedicated to safeguarding your rights and achieving the best possible legal outcome for your case.

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Contact Hanauer Law immediately if you or a loved one face an ongoing investigation or criminal charges. Your initial consultation with one of our exceptionally qualified criminal defense attorneys is complimentary.

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