Tax Fraud: Legal Peril Ahead

Both the Illinois Department of Revenue and the federal IRS have departments specifically dedicated for investigating tax fraud for the purpose of pursuing criminal charges.  Don’t risk your freedom and expensive fines by trying to handle tax fraud charges on your own.  Penalties vary depending on the amount of tax that was allegedly underreported or evaded and can include hundreds of thousands in fines and anything from 30 days to many years of imprisonment.

A Tax-Fraud Attorney with Hanauer Law May Be Able to Help You Avoid Jail Time

A criminal tax evasion attorney in Peoria understands the shock and anxiety you must be going through if you’ve been notified that tax fraud-related charges are forthcoming.  While a criminal case is never going to be a cakewalk, it is important to us that our ability, to be honest and direct with you and clearly explain the defense strategy for your case puts you at ease.

We are not an all-talk and no-walk firm.  Our founder, Rob Hanauer, meets with every client we agree to represent and never lets them get lost in all the legal jargon and procedures. As a former instructor for business law and paralegal studies, Rob knows the importance of making that personal connection and ensuring the client has a firm grasp of what we are going to do about their case.

Follow that with a competitive spirit, and a drive to win for our clients, and you’ve got the perfect combination in a lawyer and defense team who will do everything possible to protect your freedom.

Tax-Evasion Lawyer Serving Peoria and Beyond

Contact Hanauer Law immediately if you’re being investigated for tax fraud. They’ve already been building a case against you for a long time. Schedule a time to talk with a tax evasion lawyer in Peoria about your case in a free initial consultation.

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See What We Can Do to Defend You

Even the IRS admits that many people make mistakes when filing their taxes. This means that when an IRS investigator turns over a tax-fraud case to the Department of Justice, they must prove that the fraud was done willfully and intentionally. We have helped clients fight misdemeanor and felony charges for tax evasion at the state and federal level.

While this category of White Collar crime is non-violent, it is still a high-profile area of criminal law, and those pursuing a guilty verdict are given many resources. We are up for the challenge and never shy away from a good fight—especially when it comes to defending our clients.

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Tax Fraud Cases We Represent

A tax-fraud attorney on our dedicated team has successfully defended clients in cases various tax-fraud-related cases.  Offenses our team is prepared to defend against include:

  • Tax Evasion
  • Fraudulent Tax Returns
  • Refund Fraud
  • Employment and Payroll Tax Fraud
  • Fraudulent Claims for Dependents
  • Fraudulent Records or Hiding Records
  • Excise Tax Fraud

Let’s Do Something About the Charges You’re Facing Today

The first step in handling any problem is finding something you can do about it, and we can do a lot about it—rapidly and tenaciously.  We know the impact a guilty verdict for a serious crime can have on your future, so we do everything we can to fight the charges and achieve a positive outcome.  Contact us today to speak with a criminal tax lawyer knowledgeable in handling every aspect of a tax fraud case.

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