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Nothing about a divorce is easy. Spousal maintenance leads to more disagreements and disputes between the soon-to-be former spouses than any other step in the dissolution of marriage. Our alimony attorneys in Peoria understand what’s on the line when you are going through a divorce. Founder Rob Hanauer knows how to strike a perfect balance between being a calming confidant and an aggressive presence while representing you and protecting your rights and best interests. It’s a talent every family lawyer and legal professional on our team shares.

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Is Spousal Maintenance Mandatory?

In a word, no. Unlike child support, there is no law that requires alimony or spousal support be paid after a divorce. A judge must weigh over a dozen different factors specific to the case in order to decide if alimony is to be paid at all.

Common factors in this decision include:

  • Annual net income of each spouse
  • The length of the marriage
  • The standard of living in the marriage
  • Age of each spouse
  • The health of each spouse
  • The job skills and earning potential of each spouse
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Alimony / Spousal Maintenance Calculator

Except where the gross annual income of both spouses combined is $500,000 or more, as in a high net worth divorce, alimony can be estimated by taking 33% of the paying spouse’s net annual income and subtracting 25% of the receiving spouse’s net annual income. Divide this amount by 12 and you have a rough estimate of the monthly spousal support payment. However, the annual amount can’t be greater than 40% of the spouse’s combined net annual income.

However, since we are dealing with the livelihood, finances, and well-being of people when it comes to determining how much alimony is to be paid, it can’t just come down to a cold, unthinking calculation. As noted above, there are many fluid factors involved that the court must consider. That being said, the calculator below gives one a fairly accurate picture of how much spousal maintenance can be expected in a divorce case.

For How Long Will Alimony Be Paid?

There are three types of spousal maintenance:


Usually granted during divorce proceedings as a temporary measure to ensure a spouse is not put at a severe disadvantage while the divorce agreements are being settled.


For instances while a spouse is training or undergoing education for a profession or job skill to attain self-sufficiency.


In cases involving marriages of 20 years or more, spousal support may be granted for the length of the marriage or for life depending on the circumstances.

Additional calculations for how long payments must be made are determined according to a percentage of the years that the marriage existed; the longer the marriage, the longer the percentage.  Some examples are as follows:

Length of Marriage Approximate Period of 
Spousal Maintenance Payments
5 years 1 year
10 years 4 years
15 years 9 years
20 years 16 years

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