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The legal team at Hanauer Law is all about being real. Rob Hanauer, the founder of our firm, makes it a point to have a face-to-face conversation with every client who comes to us. We know your reputation, freedom, and future are being put in our hands. Therefore, it is important to him and every member of our dedicated team that you are given the dedication and attention you deserve. You are never just another face to us. We understand what you are going through and what would happen if you were found guilty. We are honest and direct with you. We also strive to show you that your trust in our criminal defense team is not misplaced. Our clients know they can confide in us, and they know when it comes to going to court, they couldn’t have a more aggressive defense team.

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We’ll Defend You Against the Risk of a Felony Conviction

From violent crimes such as armed robbery, sexual assault, and murder or attempted murder to serious drug charges, felony DUI, and even federal charges, we have successfully helped clients get their felony charges reduced or completely dismissed. No matter how serious the charges or how complicated your case is, our criminal defense attorneys know exactly what steps to take. Schedule an initial consultation with us now, and see what a difference just one conversation with the right attorney can make for the outlook of your case.

What to Expect If You Have Been Arrested for a Felony

The following is the typical process for felony charges:

Determination by the Prosecutors

A prosecutor reviews police reports and may interview the arresting officer before making a charging decision.

Bond Hearing

The defendant is brought in front of a judge within 72 hours of arrest.  The judge hears the details of the case and decides if the defendant may be released and sets the conditions of his or her release.

Preliminary Hearing or Indictment

The case is brought before a judge or a grand jury to determine if the case will proceed based on the allegations presented. A skilled defense attorney may be able to prevent a felony charge at this point, but it is unlikely.


The defendant is officially charged with a specific felony offense and enters his or her plea.


The defense lawyer is given all information obtained by the police and prosecutor that led to the defendant being arrested. By careful review of the information presented, the lawyer may be able to determine whether any proper motions should be filed or whether there is an argument to have the charges reduced or dismissed.

Plea Agreement or Trial

Depending on what discovery shows, the defendant and his or her lawyer must consider what is the best likely outcome at this point—usually either a negotiated plea agreement with the prosecution or trial, where the defense team will argue that the prosecutor failed to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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