Sex-Crime Accusations: Lifelong Impact

Regardless of the description of the sex crime with which someone is charged, simply the accusation—whether true or false—can ruin a person’s reputation and future.  Besides the possibility of harsh fines, restitution, and imprisonment, being labeled as a sex offender has many repercussions.

We Can Defend Your Freedom and Your Reputation

Sex offense cases can be very emotionally charged for both the accuser and the defendant.  While a sex crime attorney on our team is sensitive to this element, we don’t pull any punches when it comes to fighting unfair allegations that could ruin our client’s life. What sets Hanauer Law apart from other firms is how we work with our clients. You’ll never feel belittled or like keeping you up to speed on the case is just a formality.

Rob Hanauer meets with every client we agree to represent and has a real conversation. This is your life—not just another case. You are already in a confusing and overwhelming situation when you’ve been accused of a crime; the last thing you need is a lawyer who increases your anxiety. Every highly-competent member of our firm shares the same philosophy of personal, client-centered care.

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Charged with a Sex Crime in the Peoria Area? Hanauer Law Stands Ready to Fight for You

After the initial consultation, you’ll feel like you just lucked out and you happen to have a friend who is an experienced, highly-skilled, sex-offense lawyer. Your luck gets that much better when you see your defense lawyer suited up and ready to jump into court to aggressively fight the charges against you. Contact our offices in Peoria to schedule a case evaluation with a tenacious sex-crime lawyer today.

Illinois Sex-Offender Registration

While being convicted of a misdemeanor or felony is devastating enough, you may have to register as a sex offender every year for 10 years after serving time. Sex offenses that require sex offender registration are:

  • Child pornography
  • Any form of sexual assault or molestation of a child
  • Any solicitation or prostitution crimes involving a minor
  • Indecent solicitation of an adult
  • Sexual misconduct with a person with a disability
  • Public indecency for a third or subsequent conviction
  • Rape, aggravated sexual assault, and other sex-related violent crimes

What a Sex-Offense Attorney Will Do to Fight the Charges

Your lawyer will look over a number of points when you have been arrested for, or otherwise charged with, a sex offense:

  • Did the investigator conduct a proper investigation according to standard procedures?
  • Were there violations of the defendant’s rights during the investigation or arrest?
  • Are there signs of false, conflicting, or misleading testimony by the alleged victim or witnesses?
  • Was drug or alcohol intoxication a factor?
  • Could it be a mistaken identity?
  • Were DNA tests properly conducted?
  • Has forensic evidence been verified?
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Let’s Get Started on Your Defense Immediately

Time is of the essence in a sex crime case, and you don’t want to spend a moment facing these charges alone. Contact Hanauer Law now to meet with a sex-crime lawyer in Peoria who has a strong record of success when it comes to getting sex-crime investigations quashed before charging decisions are made or, if already charged, providing aggressive defense and trying to get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

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