White-Collar Crimes: Serious Consequences

Because the harm involved in white-collar offenses can be far-reaching, with losses in the millions of dollars, law enforcement agencies often have extensive resources at their disposal to pursue the culprits. You could be facing severe state and federal charges with corresponding harsh penalties, so make sure you have a strong defense attorney protecting you.

Charged with a White-Collar Crime in the Peoria Area? Choose a Defense Lawyer Who Is More Than Up for the Challenge

When the stakes are this high, you need a legal team that not just rises to the challenge, but thrives on the challenge.

Hanauer Law consists of a group of experienced, tenacious white-collar-crime attorneys, and other legal professionals, who are not only technical pros when it comes to their profession, but who also understand the importance of being able to put themselves in the client’s shoes.

Our firm was founded by Rob Hanauer who still personally sees every client that we take on. One moment, you’re going through the worst thing that has ever happened in life. The next, your anxiety dissipates, and you feel like the luckiest person on Earth to have such a competent defense attorney explaining what is happening and how we will defend you.  And what’s more, every single member of our team lives for that battle in the courtroom. Who else would you want fighting for you?

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Contact a White-Collar Offense Lawyer at Hanauer Law Today

Time is of the essence when it comes to any criminal case, so contact us right away to arrange a free case evaluation by a white-collar-crime lawyer who knows that your future and your freedom are at stake.  We have achieved positive outcomes in even the most serious and complex cases.

Effective Representation with Proven Results in White-Collar Cases

We have successfully represented clients who have been accused of white-collar crime and gotten the charges reduced or, better yet, dismissed.  White-Collar crimes can be difficult to prove, and we know this area of the law inside and out. This, along with the fact that a lawyer with us steps into the courtroom like a champion fighter stepping into the ring, means the prosecution really has their work cut out for them. We have a proven track record and can represent people accused of:

  • Identity Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Bank Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Computer Fraud
  • Retail Fraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Forgery
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Wire Fraud
  • RICO Violations
  • Stock Fraud
  • Cybercrimes
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Money Laundering
  • Healthcare Fraud

We Want to Help You Avoid Serious Punishment

A conviction for white-collar charges can severely impact your life. Depending on the extent of the allegations, a guilty verdict can mean substantial time behind bars for a misdemeanor or felony offense. A defense lawyer with us has helped clients avoid penalties such as probation, thousands or even millions in fines and restitution, seizure of property and assets, and many years in jail.

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The Time to Start on a Defense Strategy for Your Case Is Now

Contact our law office in Peoria immediately to set up a time to discuss your case. A White-Collar Crime attorney in Peoria will give you the facts straight and then get to work defending against the charges you face.


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