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As a father of four and a former educator, firm founder Rob Hanauer knows that your child’s freedom and well-being are on the line. Kids make mistakes—they’re still learning judgment and how to handle different situations. In other cases, there may have been a complete misunderstanding by law enforcement, and they may have detained the wrong person.

Whatever the situation, you need a highly skilled juvenile crime lawyer who will put in the personalized time you and your child need, be direct and honest with you, and then walk into that courtroom and aggressively fight to protect your child. You need a lawyer who is built to get the best results and win, and that’s what you will get with every member of our tenacious legal team.

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Get the Help of an Experienced Juvenile Crime Attorney with Hanauer Law

Minors accused of a crime may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense, and the last thing a young person needs is to be carrying a conviction for something like that—even if their juvenile records are sealed. Every juvenile crime lawyer on our team at Hanauer Law is an experienced litigator and a passionate advocate; this is never as true as it is when we’re defending a minor. Contact us right away to schedule a free case evaluation.

Juvenile Criminal Cases We Have Successfully Represented

We have obtained positive outcomes in even the most complex juvenile criminal cases. We scour the case for instances of your child’s rights being violated and work to get alleged evidence dismissed or the case dismissed altogether.

This can include spotting violations in notifying the child of his or her right to remain silent, illegal search and seizure, officers using misleading statements or lies to encourage a confession, or the lack of a parent or juvenile officer present.

We have successfully represented minors and are prepared to defend those accused of:

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About the Juvenile-Court System

Someone under the age of 18 is called a “delinquent minor” rather than a “defendant” in the Illinois juvenile-court system. Cases are presented to a judge and not a jury. The goal of the juvenile-court system is to rehabilitate and deter minors from criminal behavior, so the judge has much more leeway in deciding what is to be done with the child compared to the criminal court system for adults. So, it follows that having strong, experienced representation in this case is vital.

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Penalties for Minors

Because the juvenile-justice system seeks to rehabilitate minors accused of a crime, the penalties are usually lighter. The most common penalty is probation and community service. Nevertheless, penalties can still include steep fines, restitution, and detention (imprisonment) in a juvenile detention center. Minors accused of serious violent crimes or sex offenses may be charged as an adult.

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The Stakes are High in a Juvenile Criminal Case—You Need a Defense Attorney Who Has What It Takes to Protect Your Child

Contact a juvenile crime lawyer in Peoria immediately to make sure your child has the right legal protection.

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