Car Crash

Woman sustained injuries in roll-over crash. The team at Hanauer Law secured policy limits for client.

Settlement. Secured.
Disorderly Conduct Jury Trial

Client arrested for, and charged with, disorderly conduct. Case dismissed after the State presented its evidence to the jury.

Case. Dismissed.
Drug Possession Not Charged

Delivery driver stopped and car was searched. Controlled substance found. Client was arrested for posession of a controlled substance. Aggressive pre-charge strategy deployed. Client was not charged.

Not. Charged.
Alleged Sexual Assault Not Charged

Elderly woman claimed Client sexually assaulted her. Defense strategy required seeking a stalking/no-contact order against the alleged victim. After a two-day trial, alleged victim made certain statem...READ MORE

Not. Charged.
The Table Thief

Client was arrested for obstructing justice but charged with resisting arrest. Plea negotiations fell through. Rob Hanauer took the State's table for trial and secured a 'Not Guilty' jury verdict afte...READ MORE

Not. Guilty.
Domestic Battery

Client was arrested for Class 2 felony domestic battery involving firearms and strangulation. Negotiated disposition where Client received court supervision on an amended misdemeanor charge of battery...READ MORE

Court. Supervision.
Domestic Battery

Client was arrested for domestic battery. Aggressive pre-charge defense strategy deployed. Client not charged.

Not. Charged.
Federal Conspiracy Case

Client was charged in a federal conspiracy. Rob Hanauer's defense strategy led to Client's severance from co-defendants at trial. Client received a sentence which was decades less than co-defendants.

Favorable. Plea Terms.
Armed Robbery, Armed Robbery, Probation

Client charged as juvenile with armed robbery. Client sentenced to probation. Four months into sentence, Client commits another armed robbery. Rob Hanauer argued for a sentence of probation on the sec...READ MORE

First. Chance. Second. Chance.
Malfunctioning Firearm is not a discharge

Client arrested and charged with unlawful use of a firearm. Defense strategy was that the firearm malfunctioned and did not discharge. Case dismissed.

Case. Dismissed.
Stalking/No-Contact Order

Client sought relief under the Illinois Stalking/No-Contact Order Act. Client secured a two-year plenary order. Court also awarded legal fees and jailed the respondent.

Protection. Secured.
Federal Child Pornography charges received minimum sentence

Client charged with possession and production of child pornography. Sentencing range was 25-30 years. The team at Hanauer Law argued for the minimum sentence of 15 years. The court agreed with the def...READ MORE

Minimum. Sentence. Secured.
Spousal Maintenance Terminated

Client ordered to pay approximately $10,000 per month in spousal maintenace. Client hired attorneys from the team at Hanauer Law to seek termination of spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance was ter...READ MORE

Money. Saved.
Husband Gets Maintenance

Client hired the team at Hanauer Law for divorce proceedings. The wife objected to paying Client spousal maintenance. After a two-day trial, Client (husband) received spousal maintenance.

Money. Secured.
Quick Divorce With Favorable Terms

Mother hired the team at Hanauer Law for divorce proceedings. The team at Hanauer Law secured favorable terms, including majority custody to mother, within three-months of filing the divorce petition.

Speedy. Favorable. Outcome.

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