Repercussions of a Traffic-Violation Conviction

When you have been charged with an offense that is more than a run-of-the-mill ticket, then you need to know what can happen if you face the charges on your own. We have successfully helped clients avoid serious penalties and repercussions such as the following:

  • A conviction for DUI / DWI which could mean thousands in fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges.
  • Loss of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) due to a traffic violations or overweight-trucker tickets which could mean the loss of one’s job and a ruined career.
  • Jail time and increased fines for traffic cases.
  • Misdemeanor or Felony convictions for serious traffic offenses such as speeding, red-light violations, or other aggravated-moving-violation charges for reckless driving, resulting in thousands in fines and court costs, imprisonment, and loss of driving privileges.

Why Choose Hanauer Law for Your Traffic-Violations Case?

A traffic violation lawyer in Peoria can help explain the confusing charges you are facing and help make sense of the process in front of you. Our founder, Rob Hanauer, personally meets with every client who retains our firm. If you don’t need an attorney, Rob will tell you what you should ask for when you go to court. If appropriate, he will also tell you to save your money and use it to pay fines and court fees. But if you need a lawyer, Rob is a former teacher of business law and paralegal studies. He aggressively fights charges and explains what to expect in your case in a way you can easily understand. It is important that you understand exactly what you are charged with, why you were charged, and what we are going to do about it. Serious traffic violation charges can impact your job and your freedom so you don’t want to face this on your own.

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Avoid Harsh Penalties by Having Us on Your Side

When you come to Hanauer Law for your traffic-violations case, you aren’t coming to the average law firm. We take a very personalized approach and ensure you get strong, experienced representation in court so you can get the best possible outcome in your case. Contact our Peoria law office now to schedule an initial case evaluation.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Traffic-Violations Lawyer

Having the help of a traffic-violations lawyer in Peoria means there will be less of a negative impact on your life and reputation. Our services provide the following benefits:

  • Helping make sense of confusing laws and so that you are aware of the charge you face and the elements the state must prove to find you guilty.
  • Discovering any violations of your rights or mistakes in the standard procedure that occurred when you were initially pulled over, arrested, or otherwise charged with a traffic offense.
  • Representing you in traffic court so you don’t have to miss additional work.
  • Removing the potential of saying something that could actually harm your case if you were to represent yourself.
  • Avoiding jail time which could also mean the loss of your job and many other ramifications on top of the loss of your freedom.
  • Avoiding increased insurance costs.

Contact a Traffic-Violations Attorney in Peoria Right Away

Make sure you fully understand what is on the line if you have been charged with a traffic violation. The outcome of your case can seriously impact your future if you don’t have the right defense lawyer on your side. Contact Hanauer Law now to schedule your initial consultation with a Peoria traffic violation attorney.

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