Real estate purchases collectively represent the single-largest investment people make.  As such, people should and do protect their largest investments.  The real estate team at Hanauer Law is here to help you protect your investment.  If you need someone to review a residential real estate sales contract, the team at Hanauer Law can help.  If after purchasing real estate, you believe someone lied to you or otherwise failed you in the disclosure or inspection of defects, the team at Hanauer Law can help.  At your initial consultation, you will meet with multiple team members.  We will ask you a series of questions designed to help us fully and completely understand your problems.  We then assess several different approaches to solving your problems and discuss how the case could proceed under the various approaches.  From there, we can start to craft our strategy for dealing with your problems.  If you are looking for a legal team to provide you with help in the following areas, please contact the real estate team at Hanauer Law today.

  • Contract review for sale/purchase of real estate

  • Forcible Entry and Detainers (Evictions)

  • Fraud 

  • Real Estate Disclosure violations

  • Negligence actions